The artists May 2017

Sibylle Baumann



Creative director and organizer of the storytelling oasis

Lives in Zurich and enjoys urban life




Selma Scheele


Storyteller, drama teacher

Tells in German and Turkish

Turkish roots, born and living in Germany




Nick Hennessey


Storyteller, singer, songwriter

2000 winner of the ‚World Championship in epic-singing’ in Finnland

Storytelling documentaries for BBC Radio

Touring all over the world

Living in UK with his wife Emily Hennessey





Emily Hennessey

Storyteller, drama teacher

Director Storytelling Theatre Company

Touring all over the word

Living in UK with her husband Nick Hennessey




Anna-Maria Hefele

Singer, voice artist (especially Overtone), musician

Teacher for overtone singing, yodelling and vocal improvisation

Collaborations with various ensembles

Living in Austria




Nurullah Turgut

Musician, percussion including Daf, Udu and Djembe

Bilingual programms with Storyteller Selma Scheele

Kurd, born in Turkey, living in Germany




Manuel Elias Büchel


Bachelor Music (Guitar) Hochschule Luzern

Member of various ensembles

Living in Luzern